What is Dance Movement Therapy

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Many people find it difficult to use words when they want to understand and resolve emotional issues that trouble them. As the body remembers its story, an engagement with movement helps people get in touch with themselves in a deeper way and can lead to new discoveries about themselves.

Body and movement is the main medium of creative expression during the therapeutic process, therefore the therapist helps the individual get in touch with their inner world in an authentic way. As the sessions are client centric, the flexibility of using other creative modes are also available or may be suggested by the therapist.

Individual sessions generally last for a maximum of one hour and may start with either conversation and sometimes with gentle ‘warm-up’ exercises, whichever the client prefers. Gradually, as the experience of being creative becomes more familiar, you are likely to find a process unfolding in which you see patterns between what happens in the therapy sessions and the experiences you have in your life. This can open the way to change and create new possibilities.

If you think you would like to discuss about this in detail, please contact the therapist, so that there will be a deeper understanding of what is required and the sessions will be designed according to your specific needs.